The appraiser will call you to set up a mutual date and time to meet for your appraisal inspection. Upon arrival, the appraiser usually measures the exterior dimensions and takes photos of the of various sides of your home. He/she will walk around the property, making a visual inspection of the exterior condition of the property, noting any upgrades and/or possible repairs needed. To prepare for your appraisal inspection, it is desireable to have your home neat and organized. A copy of your deed, and plat, if available, are also helpful in verifying the legal property information needed for the appraisal.

During the walk through, the appraiser will be sketching the interior of your property, documenting the layout and features of your home, noting upgrades made since it's purchase and the condition and quality of construction. Generally only "fixed" items are considered in the valuation of your property, therefore furniture, decor and most appliances (personal property) are not considered in the final value, as well as items such as above ground pools and some sheds which are generally not "fixed items" and considered to be part of the "real" property. The heating and cooling systems are usually checked (weather permitting) to ensure they are functioning properly, Kitchen and bathroom fixtures are turned on and sometimes a small device is used to check electrical outlets for current. Attics are usually inspected for proper insulation. The appraiser will be looking for signs of roof leakage, termite damage, mold issues, structural problems and in some instances, the he/she may recommend a certified contractor or inspector examine the damage. The appraiser will take photos of the interior living areas, and any items in need of repair, to be noted in the appraisal report. The physical inspection is the shortest part of the appraisal process, generally taking about 45 minutes to a couple of hours depending on the size and complexity of the property.

The appraiser will spend the next few days reviewing the information documented on the inspection and the comparable properties he/she will be using to compile the report. The appraiser will use this information to determine your property's value. Completion of the report usually takes between 2-5 days depending on the complexity of the property.